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Can someone recognize you from a group of people just by looking at the lines on your palms? Can someone tell whether you’re happy or sad? Or angry? Or just getting by? Will she/he/they be okay if you’re happy, sad, angry or just getting by? Can someone recognize your scars? Will you hide something from […]

Today at two in the afternoon, I will be having my first job interview. Yup, hello adult world. And I’m having the jitters. Friend said it’s normal and kinda encouraged me by saying that she was actually shaking violently (bec of nervousness) when she had her interview with one company. (I didn’t ask if she […]

(13 May 2011) Sometimes I hate my brother for not holding on to aeronautics, or that animal science where mother enrolled him after he dropped out of PATTS. Sometimes I think we’ve got a bad case of ADD. Or maybe we, or I, just happen to be interested in so many things that figuring out […]