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Judgment Day


I feel like crying every time I feel very tired. So a tip to those who get a kick out of hurting people, I think I am most vulnerable when exhausted. Anyway. I just got back from LB. Interviewed random people (bec two out of the ten houses I planned to  each have someone be […]

Bec sometimes I type entries on my phone. Typed this around 1130am-0145pm. ~ The more I venture into the streets of this continent-sized barangay, the more I feel smaller and less significant. Also, the possibility of rejection looks higher. Sometimes when we go farther from the bukana I say to myself, “I could be killed here […]

Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako o ano. Pero di pa talaga ako napapakawalan ng UP. Haha. Sa totoo lang, may relief nung nabasa ko sa email ng prof ko kaninang umaga na kelangan ko daw (1) mag-pre test ng interview para malaman kung pano ko ip-process ang data at (2) mag-conduct ng FGD (focus […]