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(Written earlier this evening) Had the interview this afternoon. I surprised myself by being early (arrived 10-15mins before 2, but still). Took to heart friend’s advice that I should be punctual if I was to have it (the interview) with Mr. Important Person. Hoho. Mr. IP had an emergency meeting so he was late. I […]

Judgment Day


I feel like crying every time I feel very tired. So a tip to those who get a kick out of hurting people, I think I am most vulnerable when exhausted. Anyway. I just got back from LB. Interviewed random people (bec two out of the ten houses I planned to  each have someone be […]



That feeling when you cannot do something. Tss. I cannot seem to write (school) papers the way I used to. I cannot study the way I used to. I cannot tolerate it now. This really should not be happening. This is my second make or break semester and a third one isn’t just really bearable. […]



Just got off the phone. Talked to my mother about after-school plans. Or at least my visions about after-school. There are plans, yes, but I will abstain from referring to them as definite. That’s why I call them visions in the first place I think. I have this feeling of vagueness in them. I could […]