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Friend said (or what I understood of what she said) we’re kinda drifting apart. Another friend and I in the deads zone. I don’t know. In the deads zone. Kinda. See, I have (various?) problems and I won’t go reiterating them in this post. I had a hard time determining what they (these people) are to me. […]


Such a shame to just wait for life to be over.

If there is one person I could blame for missed opportunities and abandoned plans, that would be myself. You see, I have this sort of habit of sabotaging myself. I reflect all the time. (That’s why I hate debates and talking about God/god). And that is why I kinda think that my delaying of things […]

You study for that diploma and to get a good job after graduation. You work to somehow pay back your parents for supporting you until whenever. Then you work to keep yourself alive. But what do you live for? Why do you still live?