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Friend said (or what I understood of what she said) we’re kinda drifting apart. Another friend and I in the deads zone. I don’t know. In the deads zone. Kinda. See, I have (various?) problems and I won’t go reiterating them in this post. I had a hard time determining what they (these people) are to me. […]

Today at two in the afternoon, I will be having my first job interview. Yup, hello adult world. And I’m having the jitters. Friend said it’s normal and kinda encouraged me by saying that she was actually shaking violently (bec of nervousness) when she had her interview with one company. (I didn’t ask if she […]



Just got off the phone. Talked to my mother about after-school plans. Or at least my visions about after-school. There are plans, yes, but I will abstain from referring to them as definite. That’s why I call them visions in the first place I think. I have this feeling of vagueness in them. I could […]