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For the first time, I felt like I finally want to move on. I think I’m ready. I think maybe I can already leave the temporary safety that I insisted the state of being a student has. I refused to actually have to do something with the adult world though it doesn’t mean I did […]

I have always admired the feisty-ness of Sen. Miriam Santiago. Yes she’s crazy but it makes her entertaining (more of a compliment) and she’s almost unbelievably witty and smart. Yeah she holds a high position in the government so she’s supposed to be intelligent (tho I don’t think every government official is) but in everything she says […]

(Written earlier this evening) Had the interview this afternoon. I surprised myself by being early (arrived 10-15mins before 2, but still). Took to heart friend’s advice that I should be punctual if I was to have it (the interview) with Mr. Important Person. Hoho. Mr. IP had an emergency meeting so he was late. I […]

Today at two in the afternoon, I will be having my first job interview. Yup, hello adult world. And I’m having the jitters. Friend said it’s normal and kinda encouraged me by saying that she was actually shaking violently (bec of nervousness) when she had her interview with one company. (I didn’t ask if she […]

Judgment Day


I feel like crying every time I feel very tired. So a tip to those who get a kick out of hurting people, I think I am most vulnerable when exhausted. Anyway. I just got back from LB. Interviewed random people (bec two out of the ten houses I planned to  each have someone be […]

Day 1


They say that it takes 21 days to make a habit. 21 days of doing something. (Try this.) So, these are the things that I would like to do or at least start to do now: Do laundry (wash undies, hankys and socks) Print reading materials (journal articles) Start reading them Enjoy 😀 Haha. So […]



That feeling when you cannot do something. Tss. I cannot seem to write (school) papers the way I used to. I cannot study the way I used to. I cannot tolerate it now. This really should not be happening. This is my second make or break semester and a third one isn’t just really bearable. […]