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She sent me an SMS late this evening telling me that she’s going to graduate this semester. Well I was sure that she’s going to make it on the list because she’s way more conscientious in studying. But she was feeling insecure prior lately. She asked me not to tell our parents yet since she’s […]

I took the stars from my eyes and then I made a map And knew that somehow I could find my way back Then I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too So I stayed in the darkness with you

I think I might be trying to revive the dead star. Or to make that sound less sad (less happy less sad), maybe I am, apparently, trying to get (a) hold of you again. I think I might be trying to remember what that felt like. I think I want to remember. What being under your […]

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I have been fighting for apparently all my life. I was defiant because I cannot just let my life be based on what others will think of me. I am tired. I have been tired for years now. You were of course supportive. But you are also as much a pressure machine. I would have […]



I CAN do it.


You see or you hear your birth name from someone who’s been calling you something else.. always feels strange.