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Experienced itches. But today’s the first time that I experienced The itch. I actually find it hard to stay in one place. I always find something I can’t (or maybe can but I’m too stubborn/impatient to tolerate) stand. Maybe that’s why I almost always find it hard to finish what I start. Oh hell. I […]



No man is an island. But know what? I can manage on my own, generally. Stop distracting me. We each have problems of our own. Stop trying to distract me from thinking about mine by so involving me with yours. We have equal problems. Mine may even be bigger. Be sensitive enough to leave me […]



When you were a kid, you can’t wait for the time when the adults will finally allow you to drink coffee. Around a decade and a half later, you find yourself almost about to order your day’s third cup of coffee in desperation of keeping yourself from falling asleep.

If doing things for myself isn’t enough, I think I know whom I should do it for. I see a picture of you in my mind and every time, I still feel the exact same feelings I felt when I sat on that dining table chair looking at you and seeing and realizing what I […]

What’s shattering is not the loss of dreams or opportunities or a bright future. What’s shattering is the loss of life itself.. And just when you think there could not be anything more painful, the brutality of the death and imagining the suffering the loved one must have felt break you more and tear you […]

For the first time, I felt like I finally want to move on. I think I’m ready. I think maybe I can already leave the temporary safety that I insisted the state of being a student has. I refused to actually have to do something with the adult world though it doesn’t mean I did […]