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No man is an island. But know what? I can manage on my own, generally. Stop distracting me. We each have problems of our own. Stop trying to distract me from thinking about mine by so involving me with yours. We have equal problems. Mine may even be bigger. Be sensitive enough to leave me […]

Yes, move. :)


  Envy. Courage. Cowardice. Comfort. Safety. Shell. How long. Just how long still.

Andaling ma-hang up sa first love. Lalo kung wala namang pumantay – wala namang sumunod (sa kanya). Hindi ko alam kung pagkatapos nang mahabang panahon (shet, mas di corny pakinggan kung sa Ingles) gumagawa/sumusulat na naman ako ng tungkol sa isang tao. Parang mas gusto kong isipin na sumusulat ako dahil at tungkol sa isang […]



Favorite part aka the part where I feel rockstar-cool (Haha): Girl, who taught you how to move like that At this pace you’re at, you’re going way too fast I, I saw you from across the room It’s me versus every guy It’s your choice, you choose And of course the chorus. Haha However, I […]

The people behind superb video concepts (e.g. 50 People, One Question) are admirable. It’s not that others are not. But their concepts are just a breath of fresh air. It refuses to work with mind stories or things that people only make up. On the contrary, it doesn’t go far from the human spirit. Yet […]

For the first time, I felt like I finally want to move on. I think I’m ready. I think maybe I can already leave the temporary safety that I insisted the state of being a student has. I refused to actually have to do something with the adult world though it doesn’t mean I did […]