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What’s shattering is not the loss of dreams or opportunities or a bright future. What’s shattering is the loss of life itself.. And just when you think there could not be anything more painful, the brutality of the death and imagining the suffering the loved one must have felt break you more and tear you […]


“Apostol then insisted that tagalog or Pilipino is not his official language and that if bag-ao persists, he will demand for an interpreter.” via LANGUAGE BARRIER.



Photo of bag-carrying ambassador charms China

I have always admired the feisty-ness of Sen. Miriam Santiago. Yes she’s crazy but it makes her entertaining (more of a compliment) and she’s almost unbelievably witty and smart. Yeah she holds a high position in the government so she’s supposed to be intelligent (tho I don’t think every government official is) but in everything she says […]

Respect age ..and love: A father’s message from beyond the grave

Wow, bored.


    Here’s what  they say about it: ISFP   “Since Artisans are usually optimistic and like taking risks, it takes a lot to get them stressed. But if they become severely stressed, Artisans can act out against others or themselves.” Retrieved from The site also says, The Composer is the most sensitive of all […]