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Yes, move. :)


  Envy. Courage. Cowardice. Comfort. Safety. Shell. How long. Just how long still. Advertisements

Andaling ma-hang up sa first love. Lalo kung wala namang pumantay – wala namang sumunod (sa kanya). Hindi ko alam kung pagkatapos nang mahabang panahon (shet, mas di corny pakinggan kung sa Ingles) gumagawa/sumusulat na naman ako ng tungkol sa isang tao. Parang mas gusto kong isipin na sumusulat ako dahil at tungkol sa isang […]

For the first time, I felt like I finally want to move on. I think I’m ready. I think maybe I can already leave the temporary safety that I insisted the state of being a student has. I refused to actually have to do something with the adult world though it doesn’t mean I did […]

I have always admired the feisty-ness of Sen. Miriam Santiago. Yes she’s crazy but it makes her entertaining (more of a compliment) and she’s almost unbelievably witty and smart. Yeah she holds a high position in the government so she’s supposed to be intelligent (tho I don’t think every government official is) but in everything she says […]

Can someone recognize you from a group of people just by looking at the lines on your palms? Can someone tell whether you’re happy or sad? Or angry? Or just getting by? Will she/he/they be okay if you’re happy, sad, angry or just getting by? Can someone recognize your scars? Will you hide something from […]

Friend said (or what I understood of what she said) we’re kinda drifting apart. Another friend and I in the deads zone. I don’t know. In the deads zone. Kinda. See, I have (various?) problems and I won’t go reiterating them in this post. I had a hard time determining what they (these people) are to me. […]



I’m a sucker for this kind of things. I had to stop past in the middle of this film just because it’s already too heavy and I am struggling not to cry. With this kind of things, you just gotta love people. In the process of watching, you get the feeling that there’s still some […]