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Because I am already tired about always finding my milk either all gone or insufficient when I have been expecting that there’d still be enough left for me. It seems selfish. It sounds like I don’t even want to share. But it’s not really the case. I don’t work. I’m still depending on my parents […]

I’m sorry I’m such a snub. Sorry that I did not try to embrace Tatang. Sorry that I did not even touch him. Sorry because I only tried to look him in the eye even if I know that he can’t see me that clearly. Sorry if I forgot to bring him pasalubong or anything […]

Why’d you let it get to this? Why’d you wait for things to come to this? Do not try and tell me that this is who you are. Because I won’t fucking believe it. You might be who you actually are if you get past this one who you are now. No one should be […]

Maybe my parents already know me. Or they’ve learned a bit. After seven or eight change of addresses for the past six years, maybe they could already guess. Maybe it’s because of the weather. Maybe the gloominess sapped life energy out of me. Or not. Could be. Maybe it magnified everything. I didn’t really think […]

Can’t decide. Wrong reasons. Doing something less right. Let me do this for once. If I do this, I’d be more compelled to avoid doing it in the future. Wrong timing. Nonetheless. Let me. Can’t go to the beach. Can’t keep myself cool. Head’s warm. I feel warm. Not sick. Just feels warm. Don’t feel […]

Experienced itches. But today’s the first time that I experienced The itch. I actually find it hard to stay in one place. I always find something I can’t (or maybe can but I’m too stubborn/impatient to tolerate) stand. Maybe that’s why I almost always find it hard to finish what I start. Oh hell. I […]

got nothing to do with each other.   Chos.     The next time you talk about me or anyone of us, please make sure we don’t hear of it. My mother gets hurt and annoyed. I get annoyed and amused. I am not arrogant. Though I can’t help but be sarcastic and mean everytime […]