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What’s shattering is not the loss of dreams or opportunities or a bright future. What’s shattering is the loss of life itself.. And just when you think there could not be anything more painful, the brutality of the death and imagining the suffering the loved one must have felt break you more and tear you […]

*Pinapa-una ‘ko na, wala akong intensyong mang-offend ng kahit sino sa post na ‘to. Pwede kasing sarili ‘ko lang ang kausap ko (na halos lagi naman talaga ‘pag nagsusulat ako at nasan ka ba ‘te? Kaninong blog ba ‘to?). Huwag ka rin kasing magbasa kung alam mong ang tipo mo ang ayaw kong kausap. Hindi […]

Respect age ..and love: A father’s message from beyond the grave



I’m a sucker for this kind of things. I had to stop past in the middle of this film just because it’s already too heavy and I am struggling not to cry. With this kind of things, you just gotta love people. In the process of watching, you get the feeling that there’s still some […]

If there is one person I could blame for missed opportunities and abandoned plans, that would be myself. You see, I have this sort of habit of sabotaging myself. I reflect all the time. (That’s why I hate debates and talking about God/god). And that is why I kinda think that my delaying of things […]

Today at two in the afternoon, I will be having my first job interview. Yup, hello adult world. And I’m having the jitters. Friend said it’s normal and kinda encouraged me by saying that she was actually shaking violently (bec of nervousness) when she had her interview with one company. (I didn’t ask if she […]

I died happy


I got this feeling or thought about being unable to wake up tomorrow. I mean, last summer I actually thought that maybe I’d die at thirty but with this dying thought occuring to me now, heck I’m not even a decade closer to being thirty. Haha. But why this dying tomorrow thought? Because it is […]