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No man is an island. But know what? I can manage on my own, generally. Stop distracting me. We each have problems of our own. Stop trying to distract me from thinking about mine by so involving me with yours. We have equal problems. Mine may even be bigger. Be sensitive enough to leave me […]



I made this last night. Yep, ambabaw. Fried lang yan. Pero feeling chef na ko dahil lang natuwa ako sa pagkakasya ko nyan. (Naalala ko rin si Howl ng Howl’s Moving Castle). Isa pa, feeling ko antapang ko na kasi di ko na ganung kelangang mag-long sleeves at gloves habang nagp-prito 🙂 Angsarap lang magluto :))))

Friend said (or what I understood of what she said) we’re kinda drifting apart. Another friend and I in the deads zone. I don’t know. In the deads zone. Kinda. See, I have (various?) problems and I won’t go reiterating them in this post. I had a hard time determining what they (these people) are to me. […]

If there is one person I could blame for missed opportunities and abandoned plans, that would be myself. You see, I have this sort of habit of sabotaging myself. I reflect all the time. (That’s why I hate debates and talking about God/god). And that is why I kinda think that my delaying of things […]

Sponsor at least one child(‘s schooling) Learn to swim Surf Bungee jump Plant a tree Take care of that tree Watch it grow Master a form of self-defense Master Pilates or Yoga Buy a bike Ride the bike regularly Buy bins Birdwatch all you want Buy running shoes Run Buy a good pair of shoes […]