I am proud of my sister


She sent me an SMS late this evening telling me that she’s going to graduate this semester. Well I was sure that she’s going to make it on the list because she’s way more conscientious in studying. But she was feeling insecure prior lately.

She asked me not to tell our parents yet since she’s still waiting for the result of another test or something. Although I don’t really get it, since she said she’d already graduate I’ll just assume that she will.. on October. I’m quite happy and proud. Happy and proud because she’s graduating. And happy and proud because Mama and Papa will have another child with a college degree. It makes me happy and proud because it’s almost overwhelming since I just graduated last April and sister will be next month. After everything that our parents had to endure – expenses, exhaustion, emotional distress, other people – by October, two of their four children would’ve finished college. I hope they feel accomplishment. I know they’d somehow feel accomplished. And proud. Imagine letting your two daughters go and just by faith and trust although with worries and pain and frustration. And now, we’re almost finished. I hope we make you proud. I hope we’re making you proud. Even if our job’s still not half done. 🙂


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