Bec still kinda irritated


Because I am already tired about always finding my milk either all gone or insufficient when I have been expecting that there’d still be enough left for me. It seems selfish. It sounds like I don’t even want to share. But it’s not really the case. I don’t work. I’m still depending on my parents for everything. Our situations are different. I don’t expect much but at least spare some understanding. Already been too thick-skinned for too long with the parents. Sorry still doesn’t matter. It’s worthless and I don’t need it. Everything’s almost always a joke. Or at least the way they’re delivered. But still irritated. Maybe I’m taking things too seriously. Maybe I just need to change my point of view. But I can’t help but always feel like this whenever that kind of jokes happen. If you really don’t mean it, then can we just move on and leave all that fuck behind? Unless of course you mean it then I think that’d be a bigger problem.

One Response to “Bec still kinda irritated”

  1. Anyare? :/

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