Today I found a new dream


I have always admired the feisty-ness of Sen. Miriam Santiago. Yes she’s crazy but it makes her entertaining (more of a compliment) and she’s almost unbelievably witty and smart. Yeah she holds a high position in the government so she’s supposed to be intelligent (tho I don’t think every government official is) but in everything she says and does, including the craziness, she says and does it passionately. The most interesting and captivating thing about Sen. Miriam is her passion.

The RH tweets this afternoon

Yes yes, I don't really know what brought her to say these but aren't they inspirational? : )

So what is the dream? She’s one if not the only senator I’d probably get starstruck with. This afternoon while reading her tweets I realized how much I’d wanted to work under her. Sure that’s almost impossible pero libre lang mangarap.

Basta kay Sen. Miriam : )

Sana matagal ka pa sa Senado/gobyerno : )


One Response to “Today I found a new dream”

  1. Idol ko rin siya. :”>

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