Wow, bored.





Here’s what  they say about it: ISFP


“Since Artisans are usually optimistic and like taking risks, it takes a lot to get them stressed. But if they become severely stressed, Artisans can act out against others or themselves.” Retrieved from

The site also says,

The Composer is the most sensitive of all the Artisans to negativity and excessive criticism. Values conflicts are especially painful for them. Also threats of layoffs are harder on them than any of the other Artisans, provided that they like their job and the company. Instead of attacking outwardly, they turn the attacks on themselves and can act in such a way as to injure them. If others stop trying to reason with them, but simply validate their feelings, then leave them alone, the self-destroying thoughts will usually stop on their own. Says Sonja, “When we were told that our division would have to shrink, I started to find all sorts of reasons why I would be the first to go. Luckily my friend said that many of the same reasons would apply to her and asked me to make a pact that we would help each other no matter what happened. Somehow I could then focus on new options. When the layoff list was finally revealed, neither of us was on it. It really helps when someone believes in you and doesn’t tell you that you’re crazy when you find lots of reasons that things won’t go well.”

More explanation about ISFP types can be found here.


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