To do list/To conquer list/Bucket List

  1. Sponsor at least one child(‘s schooling)
  2. Learn to swim
  3. Surf
  4. Bungee jump
  5. Plant a tree
  6. Take care of that tree
  7. Watch it grow
  8. Master a form of self-defense
  9. Master Pilates or Yoga
  10. Buy a bike
  11. Ride the bike regularly
  12. Buy bins
  13. Birdwatch all you want
  14. Buy running shoes
  15. Run
  16. Buy a good pair of shoes for climbing
  17. Climb
  18. Buy a bag for climbing
  19. Climb at least once a year
  20. Go out and see the world at least once a year/
  21. Go to places
  22. Make parents see the world
  23. Try backpacking
  24. Be a part of something that aims for good development and change
  25. Affect at least one policy’s implementation
  26. Keep sane
  27. Finish one book per month
  28. Invest
  29. Learn to fly kites
  30. Bake a cake
  31. Be fluent in another language (Deutsch/Spanish/French/Mandarin)

One Response to “To do list/To conquer list/Bucket List”

  1. I support this. :>

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