Far away from home


In a span of five months, I’d lived in two different houses. This afternoon, I moved in with my sister in my’ third. Far from Diliman. Far from friends.

The room is spacious. I could do Pilates in here. The house (or lot?) looks like we’re in the province. Unlike in Commonwealth or KNL, there’s grass (haha) and a few(?) vegetables are grown in the backyard. The living room is also spaaaaacious. If I know how to do cartwheels, I could maybe do four.

The view from the window doesn’t include rusty roofs and old tires this time (hoho, KNL. Though you will always have a special place in my heart.ü). Now we have a sampayan, malunggay, mango trees, acacia, and phone/Meralco/whatever lines.

Back of the door: Look how jologs my sister is

Apart from being spacious, the room is very maaliwalas. Buti na lang bilang ayoko ng gloomy.

This is supposed to be a picture of the table,not my sister's butt. Hoho

Hahaha. Paramore is okay. But Robert Pattinson in his Twilight look? :/ And a poster of Vhong? Well, it's a calendar anyway

When I get my kutson on Saturday, this is where I'd be sleeping. I've never slept at the top of a double deck before. I'm afraid I'd fall ö


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