Brush it off like you did with your UPCAT


(Written earlier this evening)

Had the interview this afternoon. I surprised myself by being early (arrived 10-15mins before 2, but still). Took to heart friend’s advice that I should be punctual if I was to have it (the interview) with Mr. Important Person. Hoho.

Mr. IP had an emergency meeting so he was late. I was trying to picture what it would be like when we meet:

MR. IP: You’re early

Me: I’d rather be early than late, Sir.

Hahaha. Repeat n times. Though actually I kept on getting it wrong. I kept on saying “I’d rather be late than early, Sir.” Oops.


Actual first conversation:

Mr. IP: Did you wait too long?

Me: Not really, Sir.

Psh. I was actually waiting for at least 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter though. I don’t care.

As I expected, I was sabotaged by the very thing I feel insecure about: work experience. Hoho.

I just don’t get how everything seems to prefer or require someone to have work experience. I mean how can you earn that experience significant to the kind of work you want when everything requires/prefers it when you apply to them? : /

Internship. Right. Wasn’t too attentive to actually have done something about that. So, I must do with what is.

And this I should brush off like I did with the UP College Admission Test. It was only for experience – taking the premier university’s admission test. Passing it was like aiming for the moon. Taking it was for the sake of trying. I figured I won’t die if I don’t pass. I took three other universities’ entrance examinations and passed all of them. Was even already planned that I’d go to Baguio to take up Nursing and almost almost ended up there if it wasn’t for my father and I’s wonder of what would it be like if instead of taking the bus to Baguio, we take the bus to QC.

No harm in trying. It’s a lot more liberating to know you’ve no regrets. Especially since I realized during the interview how bigtime the job is. Keri. Glad I took it. Now we move on. : )


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