Split-screen Sadness


Today at two in the afternoon, I will be having my first job interview. Yup, hello adult world. And I’m having the jitters.

Friend said it’s normal and kinda encouraged me by saying that she was actually shaking violently (bec of nervousness) when she had her interview with one company. (I didn’t ask if she  got the job. She’s happily, at least I think, working  somewhere else now.)


My outfit’s all figured out. I’m still having problems with the make up thing. The hell. Can’t even figure out what (shade) goes with what. Does that even make sense? :/ Bahala na si Batman. At least I know how to put lipstick (the way with lipbalms, right? Just confirming) and eyeliner. Hoho. Putting make up is easy. Not looking hideous and stupid is the problem. Ho.

Also, just what the heck are they going to ask you during the interview? Bilang I think I’m not the type to really talk straight out of a script. And unfortunately, I’m also the type that takes time when thinking thoroughly. Disaster. And this job notice came from a trade and investment agency/department. Double disaster. I wish I listened more on my four Economics classes. I hope they don’t ask me something more complicated than supply and demand. (Hahahaha) I hope they ask about things where I can answer like a no-nonsense person – like what music videos showcase a perfect timing of the actors’ actions and the music in such a way that triggers the audience’s emotions. Chos. If only the questions will be that easy.

Hoho. Anyway. You don’t always get the job. Too bad it’s kinda hard to get into the kind of jobs I really want to experience.. without connections. Too bad.

Hopefully I get out of the interview room unscathed (hahaha) and a tad wiser. : )


One Response to “Split-screen Sadness”

  1. 1 csiy

    oooohhh! goodluck Tin! 😀 see you later! baka itanong ang strengths at weaknesses kemme… pag-isipan mo na… usually dun ako nahihirapan eh… HAHAH! winner ang department! hihihih! U CAN DO EEETTT! 😀

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