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Wow, bored.


    Here’s what  they say about it: ISFP   “Since Artisans are usually optimistic and like taking risks, it takes a lot to get them stressed. But if they become severely stressed, Artisans can act out against others or themselves.” Retrieved from The site also says, The Composer is the most sensitive of all […]


Such a shame to just wait for life to be over.



I’m a sucker for this kind of things. I had to stop past in the middle of this film just because it’s already too heavy and I am struggling not to cry. With this kind of things, you just gotta love people. In the process of watching, you get the feeling that there’s still some […]

If there is one person I could blame for missed opportunities and abandoned plans, that would be myself. You see, I have this sort of habit of sabotaging myself. I reflect all the time. (That’s why I hate debates and talking about God/god). And that is why I kinda think that my delaying of things […]

Sponsor at least one child(‘s schooling) Learn to swim Surf Bungee jump Plant a tree Take care of that tree Watch it grow Master a form of self-defense Master Pilates or Yoga Buy a bike Ride the bike regularly Buy bins Birdwatch all you want Buy running shoes Run Buy a good pair of shoes […]

Days 28-30


Day 28 – A song that makes you feel guilty Never Forget You – Noisettes We just got swallowed up D’you know that I didn’t forget you We just got swallowed up by the whole damn world Of course it’s always about the BFF that will never be. Sorry, I was too young to think […]

Secrets – OneRepublic Sa ngayon, hindi ko ganun kelangan ng classical. Simulan natin sa simpleng pangarap: ang tunog ng cello rito. ❤