It’s scary when you realize how fast time really flies.

Apparently, one friend is more or less four years shy from thirty. Sheeeet. I know.

The impact of something is either magnified or minimized depending on the subject matter’s ‘proximity’ to you. If eighty is the life span tops or average, I and most of my friends had already spent a quarter of it. And for what? I just realized that for twenty years of living, I am a shame. I cannot believe I’d already spent two decades of my life and I can’t even tell if I’ve done anything significant of a significance.

One advantage of not counting the days is the bliss of not so much of the ignorance as the moments. You just glide with the present. The downside of not counting is that once you try, there surges an immense amount of panic and pressure knowing how much time had passed.

This is all 26 year old friend’s fault. And the 24 year old friends. And that 90s Bamboo-singing-Rivermaya song “Kung Ayaw Mo Huwag Mo” which is as  catching-breaths-inducing as much as it is nostalgic.

Gahd. How time flies. How can a twenty year old be living for twenty years already? O_O


One Response to “Instantaneous”

  1. 1 csiy

    first twenty years palang kasi… :p kaya tipong appetizer palang… the next 20 is gonna be the main course so your (our) pace is juzz fine… 🙂 ang goal nalang ay pasarapin ang main course nang malupet… 😀

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