Party in the USA


This was mostly my replies to a conversation on Twitter  between a me and a Polsc friend. (excused. Too lazy to write an entry)

The timing of Bin Laden’s death is rather fishy. What with the nearing US elections. Ako na ang #pessimist.

Di ko alam kung kelan exactly ang election pero malapit na. Totoo naman na siguro kasi worldwide ba naman ang announcement. –

29 minutes ago
Nakakahiya naman sa US kung gawa-gawa lang ang lahat. Na-weirduhan lang ako sa timing, yun lang. 🙂
29 minutes ago
Bec he was a reason behind deaths of thousands of innocent people and a reason behind the terror that engulfed people after 9/11
27 minutes ago
I hope maw-weaken ng matindi ang terrorism now that the big fish is dead. (*prays* Please let Osama be the big fish) Haha 🙂
24 minutes ago
Partly lang. He’s the big fish so mas-shaken ang mga ‘subordinates’ nya hopefully. Until all terrorist groups cease to exist, –
21 minutes ago
di dapat mag-lax ang gov’t. Malay natin and I hope hindi mangyari, those ‘subordinates’ might go for retaliation. :/
21 minutes ago
“All we are saying is give peace a chance.” – John Lennon ☮
23 minutes ago
Not completely internal. ASG for instance were said to be in coordination with Al Qaeda ba o JI w/c are not from the Phils naman.
18 minutes ago
His staff is probably drafting a speech right now. Haha. And Binay has a higher satisfaction rating than PNoy, btw. :]
16 minutes ago
I think you feel it too. Angsarap mag-analisa ng pulitika. We are at least in a way (and after all) Polsc students. 🙂
9 minutes ago
Hell yeah RT @ FakeNoynoy: Message from Osama Bin Laden: “It’s so hot in here, and not even a single virgin in sight!” [via] Ouija Board
8 minutes ago

Obama’s speech on OBL’s death: Serious, direct, strong. Calculated drama. Truly presidential.
15 minutes ago
Obama: The death of Osama does not mark the end of our efforts. It is w/ no doubt that Al-Qaeda will continue to plot attacks against us.
3 minutes ago
Definitely worth a party in the USA. You win today, Miley Cyrus.

One Response to “Party in the USA”

  1. 1 Val

    My first reaction: “Are there photos? Now Obama is surely getting reelected. Oh wait. Are there photos?” I remember what I thought about Angelo Reyes’s “suicide.” Yun pa rin yung feeling ko. :p

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