Step 1: Saying something awkward and funny :p


A while ago, a close guy friend sent a message thru chat saying he just remembered he had a crush on me. Bad thing is my sister and younger brother read it first (I was about to take a bath and I let them use the laptop), but that’s another story. Anyway, I laughed.. partly (if not wholly) because of the fact that I actually more-than-friends-liked him before and I made a friend tell him that. HAHAHA. It’s funny now looking back.

But I replied with a question about when did that happen- before or after my thing? Though nothing changes the fact that I admire him for not taking advantage of me or the situation. (Things aren’t as easy as we think, anyway. Two people liking each other is not the end of the story.) And (weirdly) somehow I think it’s a good idea that we didn’t pursue anything then. I realize now that I like him better as my friend.

Update (28April2011): Friend said he was hacked. I have a guess who the culprit is. Hmm. : )


10 Responses to “Step 1: Saying something awkward and funny :p”

  1. 1 Val

    Ey mey genoooooon. Hahahaha :”>

  2. 2 eriyaj

    Bakit ang bitin? 😛

  3. Ikaw ay na-lost, Joanne. Haha 🙂

    • 6 eriyaj

      Yiz. Sobrang lost and intriga. =))

      • Wala ng intriga yan. Feeling ko yung kapatid ni friend ang nagsend nung message 🙂

      • A-HA! You didn’t think na org person to, right? O… HAHAHA 😛

      • 9 eriyaj

        Iniisip ko kasi yung context ng mga kwento mo. Hahaha!
        At bilang isa lang ata ang kilala kong org person na pwedeng magfit dito … Nope. Di ko yun inisip. =))

  4. Oh, oh. Kung sino man yun. Pero kebs lang itey. Haha 🙂

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