I can’t get a beer so I have to be stuffed enough to not feel anything


Spent a useless thirty minutes on Pizza Hut, Greenwich, Mang Inasal ang KFC sites trying to find out what I’d like to eat.

(Summer sweating has lately become annoying.)

Settling for a nearby pizza/pasta takeout store. Said I should just come back, the spaghetti’s still cooking.

Forced to go to that grocery store to buy nothing in particular. Went to the junk food aisle to get a bag of my (local brand) favorite potato chips. None. So I just grabbed my ex-favorite. Tried to find something for breakfast. No Gardenia breads. Instant champorado in a cup caught my eye. Bingo. Got myself one Yakult.

Tempted. I almost bought a beer. Looked like an idiot standing in front of the beverage chiller pretending to look for something but actually contemplating about buying a beer. Imagined drinking beer while eating spaghetti and pizza. Not so good.

Can’t get a beer. No one to accompany moi. Don’t like the hangover the morning after. Don’t feel like wanting that fuzzy feeling you get after. I don’t want to lose the next day.

Felt bad I did not bring my canvass bag with me. The grocery gave me a plastic bag. I bought too many items I can’t be holding them ‘properly’ together.

Went back to that store to get my spaghetti and pizza. Before I know it, Ate put my spaghetti in a plastic bag. Brought my baunan to avoid that styro but got two plastic bags instead.

I resigned.

House. Got treats from landlady’s sister who just got back from CDO.

Went to my room to write this. Landlady’s sister knocked and opened the door. Gave me a souvenir shirt from, maybe, Camiguin (the shirt says so). That’s GV.


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