Banal na aso, santong kabayo. Rockstars.


This is about one thing possibly inevitable if one is a drinker.

There are only two times wherein I hated alcohol. The first was when I got bedridden the next day because of extreme hangover. The second one was last night. And until I can’t anymore feel alcohol in my veins, I swear I’d still be repelled by the thought of beer ..and Sarah’s.

I am an expert in going home drunk intoxicated, okay, drunk. I’ve experienced walking out of one session without telling anyone that I was going home, hailed a cab, threw up while in the cab going home (I had a plastic bag! Ha-ha), slipped while walking, took off my pants, laid crashed into my bed, threw up (or maybe that was another session? haha), basta, that was all in one night. The next day, I can’t remember how much I paid the cab and how the hell did I walked home. But the forgetfulness was petty. Yes, I know for a fact that alcohol does some messing up with one’s mind – forgetting a conversation, memories getting mixed up, missing bits and pieces of one drinking night’s happenings – but yes, petty.

What I can remember last night was only until a friend sat beside me and talked to me about graduation. And the next thing I knew was I was already in my room with my shorts stripped off (it was I who took it off, k), laid in bed, puked on the side of my bed, got up and tried to go to the bathroom, failed, banged my head and body to the metal ladder of the double-deck bed, laid in bed, was asked by roommate if I was okay and I said yes (Charing!), attempted again to go to the bathroom and succeeded this time (only that I don’t really remember if I went out in my underwear 😐 but I remember being “cautious” and trying to see if there’s someone that might see me, haha), threw up in the toilet bowl, washed it off with water, and (magically) turns out I brought my blanket with me in the bathroom so I wrapped it around my waist and went back to my room.

The next morning, I woke up and found my blanket on my lower body (and still no pants), and turns out I wasn’t able to change clothes. I was still wearing the top I wore the night before and I had no bra! (Haha, sige, malaswa na.) What scared the hell out of me was the fact that I can’t remember a single thing in between that memory of a friend sitting beside me and that crazy room happenings except ‘lost’ memories of a friend ‘fetching’ me in the toilet area because I was said to be taking too long (I only played with the dogs and spoke with a Sarah’s Ate) – and the friend said he fetched me twice (well I remember talking to two Ates and I remember those were two different times). The third lost memory was two of our friends saying goodbye and going home first.

Seriously. I.DIDN”T.KNOW.HOW.I.GOT.HOME. Literally this time. Any tiniest bit of memory, I’ve none. The hangover not helping, I was worried out of my wits. I know I’m not malandi but what if, just what if, I’ve done something just because that night was the first night I acted a little different (keywords:first kiss). I was dead worried I might have done something just because now I am a little bolder. Gddmt. After a not so few texts of inquiries to friends, I was assured that I didn’t do anything that might make me regret and denounce five or so bottles of beer. (Gahd. It was only beer. Why do I have to suffer the wrath of beer gods.) And yes, for the record, I was still aware when I kissed a girl. Keriballs.

I can only be half-relieved. I believe my friends and I am in a way assured but until I remember what happened that night..

It’s getting late (2:49AM already) but in light of all of this, I want to share something a character from one tv show said, “You don’t forget something. You just can’t remember it.”

Goodnight : )


4 Responses to “Banal na aso, santong kabayo. Rockstars.”

  1. 1 csiy

    panalo talaga ang epic night na ‘to… CANNOT believe i missed it… pero at least fun pa rin naman… ang daming firsts na nangyari sa ‘yo… lolz na lolzz…

    panalo ang pagtatanggal ng bra na gamit ang subconscious… :p

    keri lang ‘yan! kelangan marami pang bangag moments kasi ggraduate ka nuh! 🙂 cheerzzz! :p

    • I CANNOT believe you weren’t there. Di mangyayari yun kung andun ka. (Haha, nanisi. Pero tingin ko mej totoo ö)

  2. 3 Val


    • Ikaw na, Valeria. Di ko maalala na kung bakit ka na nga ba tumigil uminom. Pero nacu-curious uli akong malaman. 😀

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