Am I gonna die?


Now? I felt like it last night. Headache, some weird feeling of fluid in my head. There’s only one reason why I worry: I’ve had this cough for more than two weeks now and I haven’t gone to any doctor for check up. Already tried one brand of cough syrup and that bottle’s half empty now. My father said I should try the herbal thing they advertise on TV. Lagundi tablet (yuck!), and I conscientiously took one every six hours. Until two days ago, I think. Haha. Kelangan ba seven days lahat ng gamot? 😐

Anyway, early this year, doctors said I (might?) have vertigo. I don’t know if this is one of its attacks but I sure hope it’s vertigo rather than some complication brought about by the cough. Gahd. Just one week more, please. Promise I’d got to the doctor next week. (Nakakainis, suki na ko nga mga doktor/ospital) ΓΆ Another problem now’s how to get lunch. I don’t know if I can go out with this head ache. I-gets mo sakit ng ulo, minumura na kita. 😐


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