My Multiply indicates that I wrote this July 29, 2009 at 1:06AM. Yep. It’s for you.

toni Jul 29, ’09 1:06 AM
for kristine grace’s contacts
now: i want to be someone else’s. hindi ko lang alam kung pano. tingin ko hanggang salita na lang ako. kasi it’s too late. and i’m too ma-pride to let you know this. if i hadn’t neglected what we had back early in highschool, would we still be the ‘bestest’ of friends until now? you were the only (for long) and last one that i could and had confidently called my ‘bestfriend’. i miss it now. i only seriously started to miss it, and wonder about what could have been, now. pity i won’t ever have you back. my parents might be right. we were something back then.


Too bad. Too bad I still haven’t found another.


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