(1) Thank you


I wrote this on my notebook late this afternoon. Had the urge to write about my appreciation for two of my closest friends. I think it would be nice if I can continue this thing for a while or maybe until I tire of writing about appreciation.


Pencil case and because it’s your birthday yesterday.

Allison Icasiano. who gave me my first (complete) set of colored pens. I never bought one for myself nor insisted for my parents to buy me one because I can;t figure out the use of having numerous colored pens. I thought it would just be a waste even though the colored pens side by side were fascinating (kid alert: maybe primarily because they’re just colorful).  But I finally and instantly found out what Allie’s colored pens’ use is: so I won;t get bored with my planner. Haha


Random thought and because I am trying to ‘thesis’ right now.

Carlos Quijon Jun(jun)ior. For making me feel like I am justifiable and I’m doing something relevant. For making me feel like I somehow share his angst or whatever, and his disorderliness and the occasional (?) sort of inability to stay put. Substance is not the understatement (kind) of substance when I say that I like you because you have this certain kind of substance in you even if you’re magulo, or maybe basically it’s just that/because I respect you no matter what.


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