Staring isn’t polite.


For a while (truth:really a long time), I only saw my university’s flaws -particularly the people. For a while, I was blinded by my allergy of almost everything that has something to do with my course. For a while, I was blinded by my own problemos and doings. I accepted so I could move on. Little did I know that this was actually one of my “taken for granted” things. Shiyet.

I tuned in to the school radio station a while ago and UP Naming Mahal was playing. That was when I realized that UP is actually one thing I love. I thought participating in the graduation rites and marching is a lot less important that actually graduating. Of course I am right. But what I tried to give up (yes, so I could move on) – the graduation rites -, giving it up doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter at all to me. It does matter. Everything I say that counters the idea of it being important is just my way of getting round the issue. See, I cannot anymore do anything about it. Might as well get a move on and skip the sulking part. I just can’t figure out people who make it seem like MY graduation rites is more important to them than me. WAKE UP! It may look like I don’t care at all but just how many times do I have to hope that you be sensitive enough and realize that if all of these is that important to you, you multiply it a gazillion times then you can finally know what these mean to me. Please, please understand that me skipping the sulking part doesn’t mean I’ve mustered being stoic. I AM BATTLING EVERY DEMON YOU KNOW INSIDE OF ME and you will never know but that won;t stop me from hoping you shut the fudge up. Stop judging and making such a buzz out of my life.


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