10,000 promises start with 1


I am giving myself until the second semester of the next academic year or around October to November this year to (1) do what I want to do or figure out what I really want to do or what I want to do so far, (2) learn things, (3) re-learn things (German, etc), (4) explore (which could be redundant -see 1 and 2), and (5) actually really love what I (will be) do(ing). Shiyet, someone’s cooking something and it smells deliciosooooo. And while I’m doing all of that, (6) do things that could build not only my resume but ultimately my satisfaction of myself (though that resume thing’s quite important if I plan to work for other people or the government or whatever that requires other people to judge me). Anyway, in other words, maybe (1) apply for work (with or without pay? That’s generous of me, ha-ha) in the government? or wherever as long as I learn the workings of the government or workings of serving in the process, (2) hunt for scholarship for grad school abroad (which I doubt since most courses I like require two years of work experience) or apply for a Master’s in UP or Open U for the second semester (Uh-oh, I think my parents thought I already applied for the first semester. BAM!), and what else.. hmm.. oh, well, (3) enjoy – I hope this will be fruitful and I will be productive. I need to stop playing and running away from adult responsibilities. I have to start giving back. An it begins with working doing what I’m doing now. I need to remember how I loved learning and how my favorite book as a child was the encyclopedia and how my family and relatives were having a blast outside the house eating and talking but I remained inside and contentedly and happily  browsed through our new encyclopedia set and read about Neil Armstrong. Shiyet. That was life. That was my life. How do I get it back ..


2 Responses to “10,000 promises start with 1”

  1. You don’t. You can’t get it back. Kasi in a way, you’re better now. Hahaha. You just have to see it that way too. 🙂

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