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(I am so sleepy. Writing this post is a struggle.) Better that we break.. This is probably because of what I felt when I saw that person. And maybe a bit because of doing one half of the official-ness needed to being in an inch closer to the end. And maybe also because I despise […]

A while ago, a close guy friend sent a message thru chat saying he just remembered he had a crush on me. Bad thing is my sister and younger brother read it first (I was about to take a bath and I let them use the laptop), but that’s another story. Anyway, I laughed.. partly […]

A Meralco lamppost.

Spent a useless thirty minutes on Pizza Hut, Greenwich, Mang Inasal ang KFC sites trying to find out what I’d like to eat. (Summer sweating has lately become annoying.) Settling for a nearby pizza/pasta takeout store. Said I should just come back, the spaghetti’s still cooking. Forced to go to that grocery store to buy […]

Hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ako o ano. Pero di pa talaga ako napapakawalan ng UP. Haha. Sa totoo lang, may relief nung nabasa ko sa email ng prof ko kaninang umaga na kelangan ko daw (1) mag-pre test ng interview para malaman kung pano ko ip-process ang data at (2) mag-conduct ng FGD (focus […]



When I’m not sure of my priorities When I’ve lost sight of where I’m meant to be And like holy water washing over me You make it real for me When my head is strong but my heart is weak When I’m full of arrogance and uncertainty You make it real for me And I […]