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One close friend gave me a fan this afternoon as a graduation gift (also because he said he broke mine). :p It’s so big it reminded me of those used by slaves in the movies to fan their masters. Haha. And it’s the first time, I think, I saw a fan as big as that […]


The quality of the previous photo sucks. Let me try this one:


So this friend told me I should just start a daily photo blog. I know I rarely finish what I start and I am most of the time inconsistent and only spurs-of-the-moment person so I declined. But since I’m inconsistent, I figured, why not try (since I like taking pictures randomly) Photo 1: shot just […]

When I remember and think of you, Mama, Papa, Tatang, (and my late Inang for that matter), I want to be more responsible. I want to give you what you want. I don’t like disappointing you anymore. I want to do and finish what I’m doing for you.

Last Friday was one hell of a night. It was a great night that eventually produced (not entirely because of us, I believe) a nightmare. Two close friends were infuriated and claimed to be ending their friendship or FO-ing (FO – friendship over) with one friend in our group. So you see, we started five […]