I never learn.


Read this on one of my emails today:

A copy of your first draft for PS199 showed up in my pigeonhole at noon today.
Frankly, I was surprised, as I had considered you dropped from the class due to
your absences–even without counting your missing the individual consultation.
Why do you think that you can simply submit late a first draft, after you have
been gone so long from my radar?

From my 199 prof. (Not mentioning that prof got my name wrong), of course this was death to me. Because I should already graduate this sem and march on April. My parents expect me to. Honestly, the importance of my parents’ want for me to graduate exceeds mine. Things are rushing to my head. I’m in the process of turning in my application for grad school. But as I usually do, of course I encountered a problem. God, why do I always have to destroy opportunities. Why do I always have to feel and say sorry (after all)?


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