What is up for me?


Of course, I’m very talented at thinking about myself. Ha-ha.

So. Just checked out the results of the nursing board exam held last December. Checked three of my friends, and they all passed. I’m actually glad they all passed, especially my closest of the three.

Anyway. I couldn’t help but wonder what could be in store for me.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the course I pursued don’t really give me something very imposed after graduation. Unlike this nursing thing, for example. You come out, take the exam, and voila, you’re a nurse! I did and had thoughts about being left out a while back, but gddmt, I don’t know.

I’m actually in the process of finishing (or starting) the first draft of my research proposal (gonna pass it tomorrow, yehey cramming, ftw). (Okay, landlady peeked at what I’m writing and said I was only chatting, Shiyet. Writing a blog is embarrassing if you have someone watching over) You know how you think you can do something but you for forever avoid it and actually postpone doing it? Gddmt. That’s what I do. Anyway. Will be going back to work.


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