But I don’t think I’m a commitmentphobe. Haha


Initially I thought of writing about how I ended up drinking again last night. However, I remembered one instance last night which made me laugh.

Someone I liked drank with us. And people who’ve had a drink would always do something funny and entertaining. And this one friend of mine decided to be satisfied with her curiosity and ask this person I liked if he likes me. It made me laugh. And another friend tried to stop the conversation. But it’s funny and I didn’t really care about the answer. Maybe partly because I knew what he’s gonna say. Or maybe partly because I just didn’t care. Anyway, this curious friend initially asked if the guy knows the issue (that I liked him), he said yes and it was so amusing I even told them his reaction (he was drunk and crying when I ‘confessed’ and he said “Thank you” as a response). Probing more, curious friend then asked the question and he said that if he likes me then we should have already been an item long ago. Haha. Actually I can’t remember what he said exactly but I do remember I suddenly thought how lucky I am that he didn’t like me. I think maybe his answer sounded a bit creepy. I don’t really know. But really it’s funny how I was thankful he didn’t like me. Hahaha


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