Yes, I find sunflowers beautiful.


Let us disregard what I’ve said in the past (specifically that stupid challenge I’ve never got a day 2 of), but let us look back.

Why did I took up Political Science as an undergraduate course? I loved writing and poetry. Why not Creative Writing? I loved architecture and interior design. Why not Architecture or Interior Design? I loved the idea of genius maneuvers in the kitchen and management. Why not HR(I)M or Business Administration.

Truth be told, I actually chose some above as undergrad courses.


Centro Escolar University. BS Nursing. Passed it. No sweat.

Saint Louis University. BS Nursing. Passed it. It was cold in Baguio so I don’t know about the sweat.

University of Santo Tomas. BS Nursing and BS Commerce. Failed BS Nursing (the talk was that it was almost a first come, first served basis. Limited slots. Even if you pass, if there’s no more slots available, you have to make do with another course). Passed BS Commerce. Was actually glad since I prefer commerce than nursing. Bleh

University of the Philippines. First choice-Diliman. Second-Manila. These were ‘yabang’ choices as others call it. But I didn’t care. Passing UPCAT was a shot to the moon. So why the hell would I waste being on campuses I don;t really like if I think chances of passing in this premier university is like me being impossible. Anyway, I qualified for Diliman. First choice-BA Political Science. Second -HRIM. Waitlisted on PolSc. Wasn’t qualified for HRIM (I didn’t really know why). Chose among the DPWS courses  (those courses that could accommodate you in case worse comes to worst), unfortunately I forgot what course(s) I picked. Too bad. Anyway, I got in the PolSc dept.

UP has this impression (when I was in highschool) that when I get in it, I have to be serious and responsible. But we, students, are young. We are not so much different from others of our age in the hunger for fun and excitement. We were crazy. I was crazy. I was astray, for too long. I cannot control myself.

Industrious people can finish my degree in three and a half years. I am now on my fifth year. Strongly hoping (and convincing self and everyone) that this is my last semester as an undergraduate and come April, I will march and get my diploma. And over the summer arrange for (a) job which will fulfill the work experience I am looking for (for another Master’s or PhD course) and at the same time hopefully doing grad school work (if I pass UP Open U).

See. See what a brat I am. Since highschool (at the end of it), I kept my options open; getting exams in four universities, choosing courses, finally getting into the cream of the crop (of the univs). I am ambitious. I wanted to do everything. I want to experience many things. But I lack the motion. I think. But ideas don’t get out of my head. Ideas don’t get themselves out of our heads. We get them out of it. I am lazy. The drive I had back then was somewhat lost. I can’t get back on track. But I need to. If I wanted everything I said I want. If I wanted it badly. I will stop blaming sleep. I will stop blaming my bed (slight, perhaps). I will stop blaming my body. I will have to start focusing on mind power. I believe in that kind of power. When I almost almost want to stop jogging/running (around the academic oval), I think and say to myself, “Sayang, konti na lang. Sayang, kaya pa yan. Konti na lang.” And I run more.

See. I love the liberating feeling running gives me. If I can think “Sayang, konti na lang“, Sayang, konti na lang. 🙂


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