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I could get out of school (illegally) anytime I want. But I don’t do it. Because I don’t want to get out of it without having that piece of paper. Advertisements


I’m itching to get out of college because I messed it up.

I never learn.


Read this on one of my emails today: Katrina, A copy of your first draft for PS199 showed up in my pigeonhole at noon today. Frankly, I was surprised, as I had considered you dropped from the class due to your absences–even without counting your missing the individual consultation. Why do you think that you […]

I feel like I should have to always have something to do.

Of course, I’m very talented at thinking about myself. Ha-ha. So. Just checked out the results of the nursing board exam held last December. Checked three of my friends, and they all passed. I’m actually glad they all passed, especially my closest of the three. Anyway. I couldn’t help but wonder what could be in […]

Di bale ng di mag-UP Fair. I am quite serious about this. Tingin ko hindi ko kayang ipasa bukas ang first draft ko. At sa Lunes ng maaga ko siguro sya maipa-pass (siguro, dahil sana maaga nga). Gusto kong sabihin na sa Lunes ko ibibigay at di bale ng di mag-UP Fair (kahit ito na […]

Kaya may konsepto ng follow-up. At ng second (chances). At ng more. Kagaya ng pagkakaroon ng konsepto ng pagkakamali, ng kahinaan, ng paghingi ng tulong. Wala naman akong naaapektuhang ibang tao. Hindi kagaya ng pagkaapekto ko sa sarili ko. Wala na akong panahon. Sira-ulo akong tao (hindi literal). Sinagad ko lahat ng pwedeng sagarin. Lumagpas […]