Why should you marry?


So I saw this news title a while ago about a man ‘marrying’ his pet dog. The first thing that came to my mind was Why?Why would he do that? Would I do that?

I answered with No. Not that initially I thought it’s weird in that it’s not normal, but more so because I think I don’t need to marry my dog or a future one even if I find dog love very much making me always wanting to smile about it. I don’t need to marry my dog because I or we (me and my dog) don’t need it.

So that made me think about then why would I want to marry another? Why would people marry each other?

I think I may be a bit cynical with people in general. Firstly I believe people are essentially selfish. And now with this marriage thing, and with the questions that I raised earlier, I think people need marriage to be formally, maybe be subtly forced, to be bound to each other. To be somehow have something (the marriage) to control one another not to mingle inappropriately with other people. That’s what I thought of as an answer to my question of why people marry each other, or why do they need to marry.

Of course I could also be cheesy so naturally I also had thought of (maybe) because they love each other so much they want the vows (maybe to promise each other of sticking through thick and thin). I don’t know. Maybe they do that because (as of the moment/time) they’d never want to spend the rest of their lives with any other person. But that’s another thing, I think. I am wondering why the hell do people need to get married (except for tradition)? Why do you need to do it when you could just be together sans “marriage” ? You could argue that marriage is a union. It means a union. Okay. But maybe I’m asking for that legality part of the marriage that I’m talking about. I don’t know. I could still be romantic and hopeful in that maybe I could find someone and would want to marry that person.. or maybe not. But that, I think, shouldn’t stop me from asking. I mean, maybe I wouldn’t want to or maybe I am not yet ready to question my parents’ marriage and find out it’s not about love. Maybe I am running away from some things. But I am not running away from everything.

So.. what is marriage all about?


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