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So I saw this news title a while ago about a man ‘marrying’ his pet dog. The first thing that came to my mind was Why?, Why would he do that? Would I do that? I answered with No. Not that initially I thought it’s weird in that it’s not normal, but more so because I […]

Day 1 Update


So, to update the  Day 1 things I hoped to do tonight and not be put off again: √                     : Do laundry (wash undies, hankys and socks) √                     : Print reading materials (journal articles) in […]

Random post


Random post for random thoughts. I am watching The Sweet Life on QTV w/ Lucy and Iza when Iza mentioned about how her mother’s like Lucy in terms of being crafty, except that her mother don’t knit. Haha. And being the very ambitious person (as I badly want to do and experience LOADS and LOADS […]

Day 1


They say that it takes 21 days to make a habit. 21 days of doing something. (Try this.) So, these are the things that I would like to do or at least start to do now: Do laundry (wash undies, hankys and socks) Print reading materials (journal articles) Start reading them Enjoy 😀 Haha. So […]

I have this very unpleasant problem of putting off things. However, for maybe three days last month, I had tried not to. I won (against myself). Haha. I would want that. Firstly, putting off things is really doing bad for my school works (esp since I am now a graduating student in the university). I […]

Professor (the one I’m talking about in the last post) was very, very kind and considerate. My consultation turned out very well; far from what I have been anxious last night. She reminded me of my unstable standing in class last semester in order for me to straighten things this sem (particularly attendance in class […]

I finally (so far) have decided to not really surrender but to accept the fact that I have to deal with first things first. And that includes accepting the fact that even if I have or may find out a gazillion of references for public participation and such, I cannot move on (reading them) unless […]