“When you try your best but you don’t succeed”


I have this feeling that when I write, I almost always talk about my not so joyful situations and thoughts. Yes. Maybe it was so the reason why I labeled my affair with WordPress as an/my outlet.

I guess I’m just the type of person that when happy, doesn’t or cannot find the time to actually write about it. But I think that is because I’d prefer to spend the time, that would be consumed writing, savoring the joy of the moment instead. However, in terms of the neutral to negative things, I tend to be a bit bottled up about it so mostly I let it out in this way. I used to keep journals. But I think I eventually got tired of it coupled with the boom of the convenience of just typing my fingers off with this electronic things. It doesn’t really tire my fingers the way writing with pens do, and also it may be a bit faster. In addition, I eventually forget my journals and sometimes they end up with family members (which, for the love of anything, I strongly hate to be the case since I am also not the kind of person to just disclose what I think and feel to family. That is bullshit).


So..I forgot why I am writing this entry. Anyway.


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