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When will you know if you’ve been given one shot with love? How will you even know if it’s love? How would you know if a certain person is worth the shot?   (Sober) principle: (Taking into account societal ‘norms’ that dictate that guys would usually be the ones pursuing the girls), no matter (what), […]

You could be..


‘Pag nasaktan s’ya, ako makakalaban mo. or something like that. That’s just the most moving statement I’ve ever heard someone say (in defense of)/about me. Seriously. It’s 8:46 in the evening and I heard that at around quarter to 11 this morning. But whenever I remember it, I get this super-struck of kiligness feeling. As […]

Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here. was the message I got from WordPress when I accidentally clicked on the search bar without anything written on it.¬†Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here. Was I looking for something that isn’t here? I wasn’t. ..or maybe I was. ..or I […]

So, me telling about how my undergrad is a mess isn’t new. This semester, I dropped two subjects: my German integrated (German 14-15). And just a few hours ago, I found out that I flunked the last Econ subject I’ve to take to complete the Econ courses we (PolSc students) are required to take up. […]