When it hits you, it hits you.


Went into a trip (ocular visit) with some orgmates this day.

Was supposed to meet at two thirty in the morning in some place to catch an hour of the meteor shower. But was confused with other people’s agendas so didn’t have any time to catch sleep thus we decided to just not sleep at all and meet an hour earlier (one thirty) at school. Haha. Pretty funny and a bit…

Anyway, the sky was too bright (or was it too cloudy?) so we didn’t see any shooting star at all. We just talked until about three quarter.

Boarded the bus at around three thirty. Left for Lucena at four. Arrived at Lucena at around seven to eight. Boarded another bus to Atimonan and arrived at around nine. First time to snorkel :))) And really, if only I could swim 😐

I am really lazy writing about how my days have been. So, what I am feeling now is actually, well I am feeling very exhausted actually. Liking a person. It is very exhausting. I wonder why. Just a day and I just want to hibernate.


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