Sunshine on my window


Supposedly I have two classes to go to today; a ‘very early’ 830-10 Economics class and a 1130-1 Major subject class.  Also, I should be meeting with close friends in about three minutes. But I missed my classes and I won’t be going out to be with friends this day. In fact I won’t be going anywhere today.

Know how you cannot, or find it hard to define the feeling you have if it’s already love or something? Well that hard-to-define feeling’s what I’m having now. I don’t think I have a fever bec I’m not warm ‘outside’. But I feel warm ‘inside’ and my throat’s bothering me. That’s why I had to skip classes and a rendezvous with the girls.

Oh anyway, I still have a paper for that Major that I should have passed today. So tomorrow then it will be. Late again. I was thinking that maybe I should challenge myself so I could do my schoolworks earlier and better. Gahd I have to graduate already. One year’s enough. Ciao! 🙂


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