The fifth banana


Banana because I just ate a couple and because there’s still three of it in front of me. Anyway, this wordpress site would be the fifth blog that I made. One’s in Friendster, another’s in Multiply, the latest one before this is in Tumblr, and the fourth (which was actually my second blog was somewhere I can’t remember now).

Why then consume a fifth banana when I already got four?

Well firstly I think the last thread was when I saw a while ago that a friend has an account in here. Secondly, because I think I don’t like Tumblr that much anymore. The third reason is because no one in here knows me yet (yahoo, the thrill of being someone unknown). And oh, just so I could explain the three other bananas, I just grew out of them.

Upon signing up in here, I had this hope of having to update this regularly (I’d love to have something up on a daily basis!). Though I am not really sure about that. I’ll still have to see what I can do. Anyhoo. 🙂


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