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Dah dah.


Okay. Wasn’t able to meet that ‘everyday’ posts I was hoping about earlier. In the library right now. Trying to do acad stuff (read:finishing off a reading). Mwahaha. Anyway. <insert person here>. Ooh anyway Advertisements

Went into a trip (ocular visit) with some orgmates this day. Was supposed to meet at two thirty in the morning in some place to catch an hour of the meteor shower. But was confused with other people’s agendas so didn’t have any time to catch sleep thus we decided to just not sleep at […]

Not really proven, or depends on how you define proven. But ‘judged’ gay. Just to make things clear, I don’t have anything against LGBTs. Let’s just look at this like any other personal affair that has no intentions on offending anyone. So as I was saying, this isn’t really that good. If I look at […]



I wonder if anyone could challenge me (and suggest a good deal) to finish my undergrad on the second semester. Barely three months to go before judgment.



That feeling when you cannot do something. Tss. I cannot seem to write (school) papers the way I used to. I cannot study the way I used to. I cannot tolerate it now. This really should not be happening. This is my second make or break semester and a third one isn’t just really bearable. […]

Went to Robinsons Nova last night and got tempted by Booksale. Look at what I got.   Haha, I felt like a kid when I saw it stacked there last night. Imagine a Machiavelli hardbound @P125! Yeees 😀



Just got off the phone. Talked to my mother about after-school plans. Or at least my visions about after-school. There are plans, yes, but I will abstain from referring to them as definite. That’s why I call them visions in the first place I think. I have this feeling of vagueness in them. I could […]